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Brooke's Notary Hong Kong 3rd ed + Proview

Brooke's Notary Hong Kong 3rd ed + Proview
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Brooke's Notary Hong Kong is the only reference work on notarial practice and procedure in Hong Kong, with references to the United Kingdom, Commonwealth and international jurisdictions. It covers important information including the functions and powers of notaries, the procedure for admission as a notary, the different classes of notary and the training and appointment of notaries, Hong Kong Notaries Practice Rules and other regulations governing the notarial profession, and the Hong Kong Anti-Money Laundering Ordinance to which notaries are subject to.

This third Hong Kong edition contains much new material on recent developments, in particular tracking developments in notarial practice such as the use and recognition of electronic signatures. In addition, the need for social distancing during the Covid-19 accelerated trends towards remote on-line notarisation.