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* Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance 2nd ed

* Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance 2nd ed
Product ISBN: 9781138840317
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Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance is a rapidly expanding insurance product that is becoming essential cover for all company directors. This fully updated and expanded new edition will address all the main issues with D&O insurance from an insurance law perspective, aiming at providing the reader with clear views as to the operation, execution, drafting and legal disputes that may trigger this type of insurance cover.

This book addresses:

  • the nature and legality of D&O insurance
  • persons covered
  • exclusions
  • covered risk
  • liability to third parties
  • liability at civil law
  • defence costs cover and allocation
  • reinsurance

Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance is an excellent resource for any legal practitioners, brokers, insurance and reinsurance companies involved in D&O insurance.

table of content

Chapter 1. Introduction to Liability Insurance
Chapter 2. The Nature and Legality of D&O Insurance
Chapter 3. Persons Covered
Chapter 4. Exclusions
Chapter 5. D&O Covered Risk
Chapter 6. Directors’ and Officers’ Liability to Third Parties
Chapter 7. Directors’ Liability at Civil Law
Chapter 8. Defence Costs Cover and Allocation
Chapter 9. Reinsurance
Appendix: drafts, specimens, legislation.