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Riley on Business Interruption Insurance 11th ed

Riley on Business Interruption Insurance 11th ed
Product ISBN: 9780414088450
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Riley continues to set itself apart as the go-to title on business interruption insurance. It offers a combination of insurance, legal and accounting perspectives to provide you with a 360-degree view of the subject and practical, authoritative advice.

This new edition comes at a critical time. It has been comprehensively updated and restructured in the aftermath of the UK Supreme Court judgment in the FCA test case on business interruption insurance. Riley addresses this hugely significant decision and the impact it will have on policy-holders affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

New features of the 11th edition include:

  • Extensive restructuring of the chapters to improve accessibility and usability.
  • A new legal chapter addressing the Insurance Act 2015, damages for late payment, the 2021 FCA test case and the implications of this for causation under business interruption policies.
  • New commentary on parametric and pandemic / epidemic cover.
  • Business interruption extensions have been brought together in a single chapter, discussed in more detail and now addressed in practical, alphabetical order.
  • Expanded consideration of cyber threats and the cover available.
  • Updated discussion of all perils, including riot damages and terrorism.

It also offers guidance on policy wordings, the extent of coverage, and legal analysis of claims in the UK and US – comparing these models with other jurisdictions. Whether you’re a legal practitioner, loss adjuster or forensic accountant, when faced with a business interruption claim, Riley is your definitive guide for navigating through this complex area.


Other features of the title include:

  • An examination of the practice, strategy and procedure of business interruption insurance.
  • Provides broad insight from a legal, insurance and accounting perspective with expert analysis and practical examples.
  • Covers more than 30 perils including pandemics, explosions, earthquakes, riots, malicious damage, floods, theft, fire and more.
  • Looks at standard policy wordings and defines key terms, highlighting common pitfalls and providing example settlement formulas.
  • Analyses the means of establishing the basis of cover required.
  • Covers all aspects of claims processes, calculations, and settlements.
  • Takes an international view of business interruption and global insurance programmes.
  • Compares worldwide business interruption cover in 30 countries across Europe, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific.
  • Comparative analysis of the UK and US models and the policy wordings in both jurisdictions.
  • Details different accounting strategies such as the examination of income streams, gross profit, gross earnings, and determining adjustments to turnover.
  • Explains how recurring claims issues can be addressed by the wording of the policy and how they can be resolved in practice.
  • Guidance on over 200 charges in company accounts

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