The Law of Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance

The Law of Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance
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The rules that govern the law of motor insurance are laid down in a complex system which includes national legislations, EU Directives and the Green Card Scheme. One of the controversial issues is to reconcile the EU Directives and the national law; there have been numerous cases in which an EU Directive and a local regulation appear contradictory and the courts had to determine the rules of interpretation to read these two different instruments together.

With the current globalisation and means of transport it is inevitable that disputes will arise for road users outside the jurisdiction where the motor vehicle is registered and it is essential to clarify the law applicable in this area. This analysis will include an explanation of the current system applicable together with the most recent amendments of the legislation, the interpretation of the legal instruments in force, and presenting the controversial matters that have arisen in disputes related to liability for road users.