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* Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights

* Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights
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The scope of Artificial Intelligence's (AI) hold on modern life is only just beginning to be fully understood. Academics, professionals, policymakers, and legislators are analysing the effects of AI in the legal realm, notably in human rights work. Artificial Intelligence technologies and modern human rights have lived parallel lives for the last sixty years, and they continue to evolve with one another as both fields take shape.

Human Rights and Artificial Intelligence explores the effects of AI on both the concept of human rights and on specific topics, including civil and political rights, privacy, non-discrimination, fair procedure, and asylum. Second- and third-generation human rights are also addressed. By mapping this relationship, the book clarifies the benefits and risks for human rights as new AI applications are designed and deployed.

Its granular perspective makes Human Rights and Artificial Intelligence a seminal text on the legal ramifications of machine learning. This expansive volume will be useful to academics and professionals navigating the complex relationship between AI and human rights.

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Table of Domestic Cases
About the Contributors
Part I: AI-Based Human Rights Violations: A Technical Perspective
1:Introduction, Alberto Quintavalla and Jeroen Temperman
2:AI Life Cycle and Human Rights: Risks and Remedies, Martina Smuclerová, Lubos Král, and Jan Drchal
Part II: Artificial Intelligence & Assorted First Generation Civil and Political Rights
3:Artificial Intelligence and the Right to Liberty and Security, Valentina Golunova
4:Artificial Intelligence and Religious Freedom, Jeroen Temperman
5:Artificial Intelligence and Freedom of Expression, Giovanni De Gregorio and Pietro Dunn
6:Artificial Intelligence and Freedom of Assembly, Margaret Warthon
7:Artificial Intelligence and the Right to Property: The Human Rights Dimension of Intellectual Property, Letizia Tomada and Raphaële Xenidis
Part III: Artificial Intelligence & Privacy
8:Artificial Intelligence and the Right to Privacy, Alessia Zornetta and Ignacio Cofone
9:The Rights to Privacy and Data Protection and Facial Recognition Technology in the Global North, Natalia Menéndez González
10:Privacy, Political Participation and Dissent: Facial Recognition Technologies and the Risk of Digital Authoritarianism in the Global South, Malcolm Katrak and Ishita Chakrabarty
11:The Production of and Control Over Data in the AI-Era: The Two Failing Approaches to Privacy Protection, Bart van der Sloot
12:Artificial Intelligence, the Public Space, and the Right to Be Ignored, Andrea Pin
Part IV: Artificial Intelligence & Non-Discrimination
13:Artificial Intelligence and Racial Discrimination, Louis Koen and Kgomotso Mufamadi
14:Artificial Intelligence and Gender-Based Discrimination, Fabian Lütz
15:Artificial Intelligence and LGBTQ+ Rights, Masuma Shahid
16:Artificial Intelligence and Women's Rights: Deepfake Technology, Marília Papaléo Gagliardi
17:Artificial Intelligence and Disability Rights, Antonella Zarra, Silvia Favalli, and Matilde Ceron
Part V: Artificial Intelligence & Fair Procedure
18:Artificial Intelligence and Fair Trial Rights, Helga Molbæk-Steensig and Alexandre Quemy
19:Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics: A Recipe for Human Rights Violations, Migle Laukyte
20:Artificial Intelligence and the Right to an Effective Remedy, Sarah de Heer
Part VI: Artificial Intelligence & Asylum
21:Artificial Intelligence Technologies and the Right to Seek and Enjoy Asylum, Raimy Reyes
22:Artificial Intelligence Screening and the Right of Asylum, Dhruv Somayajula
Part VII: Artificial Intelligence & Second Generation Rights
23:Artificial Intelligence and the Right to Food, Adekemi Omotubora
24:Artificial Intelligence and the Right to Housing, Caroline Compton and Jessie Hohmann
25:Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights at Work, Joe Atkinson and Philippa Collins
26:Artificial Intelligence and the Right to Health, Enrique Santamaría Echeverría
Part VIII: Artificial Intelligence & Third Generation Rights
27:Artificial Intelligence and Consumer Protection Rights, Shu Li, Béatrice Schütte, and Lotta Majewski
28:Artificial Intelligence and the Right to a Healthy Environment, Alberto Quintavalla
Part IX: Artificial Intelligence & Human Rights: Reflections
29:Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights: Understanding and Governing Common Risks and Benefits, Kostina Prifti, Alberto Quintavalla, and Jeroen Temperman
30:Human Rights, Legal Personality and Artificial Intelligence: What Can Epistemology and Moral Philosophy Teach Law?, Klaus Heine
31:Robot Rights / Human Responsibility, David Gunkel
32:The Limits of AI Decision-Making: Are There Decisions Artificial Intelligence Should Not Make?, Florian Gamper
33:Smart Cities, Artificial Intelligence and Public Law: An Unchained Melody, Sofia Ranchordás
34:Putting Private Sector Responsibility in the Mix: A Business and Human Rights Approach to Artificial Intelligence, Isabel Ebert and Lisa Hsin
35:Artificial Intelligence Human Rights Impact Assessment, Alessandro Ortalda and Paul De Hert
36:Real Life Experimentation with Artificial Intelligence, Elizaveta Gromova and Evert Stamhuis
Part X: Conclusion
37:Conclusion, Alberto Quintavalla and Jeroen Temperman