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A Practitioner's Guide to the European Convention on Human Rights 7th ed

A Practitioner's Guide to the European Convention on Human Rights 7th ed
Product ISBN: 9780414112094
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The foremost guide to this complex area of the law, The Practitioner’s Guide to the European Convention on Human Rights provides an exhaustive reference for practitioners and academics. It offers unrivalled depth of analysis into the case law of the European Court of Human Right. Building on the excellence of previous editions, the 7th edition focuses on the considerable body of new case law that has emerged since the previous edition. Students and practitioners will find comprehensive and practical case law illustrations in relation to every point and an unparalleled analysis of Convention authority.

Key Features:

  • Provides a fully updated text covering both the key procedural matters and points of principle established in recent case law
  • Identifies problem areas with the Convention and offers possible solutions.
  • Includes detailed summaries of relevant case law on subjects ranging from Forced Labour to Mental Health and the impact those decisions have on those practising at the European Court, with reference to the relevant article of the European Convention and a list of key case law
  • Gives step-by-step advice on successfully preparing and bringing a case before the European Court of Human Rights
  • Highlights remedies and damages that can be expected in a detailed section dealing with just satisfaction awards
  • Contains all tools and materials relevant to practitioners preparing and bringing cases before the European Court of Human Rights including: The 1950 European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms: Dates of entry into force; Article 63 declaration; Application form and explanatory note; Legal aid rates and Practice directions
  • There are also updated versions of Chapter 1 ‘Procedure’ and Chapter 2 ‘Admissibility checklist’ which covers procedural changes and admissibility criteria including the changes from a six-month to a four-month time-limit with Protocol No. 15 and the new procedure for Advisory Opinions.