Law, Rights, and Religion 2nd ed

Law, Rights, and Religion 2nd ed
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Building on the highly-regarded first edition, this is a comprehensive study of the relationship between law and religion in English law. Against a backdrop of an increasingly religiously and culturally diverse country, it represents a vital legal analysis of fundamental questions regarding individual and group rights, and how the political and legal systems regard and engage with such diversity. Questions about equality, non-discrimination, tolerance, and social cohesion are of great concern both in the public policy, and legal spheres. At a practical level, the debates range from the issue of whether businesses such as shops and hotels can decline to provide services on religious grounds, through clashes between the school curriculum and faith, to requests for employment leave on grounds of religion. Law, Rights, and Religion examines the legal principles underlying religious rights, and the application of issues of faith within the legal system. Framed by the Human Rights Act 1998, the Equality Act 2010, and the EC Equality Directives, it delves into specific areas of legal practice, including education, employment, immigration, family law, criminal law, and terrorism. The author combines detailed analysis with a clear assessment of the practical and procedural issues, making this an important tool in the library of all specialists in the areas of equality, discrimination, and human rights.