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Financial Remedies Handbook 13th 2021

Financial Remedies Handbook 13th 2021
Product ISBN: 9781784734794
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The Financial Remedies Handbook (formerly entitled the Ancillary Relief Handbook) has established itself as a first resort for thousands of matrimonial lawyers. By combining a clear explanation of the applicable legal principles with straightforward advice on practice and procedure, this is the essential reference work for busy family lawyers, family mediators, accountants and financial advisers.

This new edition has been thoroughly revised throughout and contains detailed analysis and practical guidance on all recent case law and procedural developments.

What’s new for 2021:

  • The nationwide introduction of the specialist Financial Remedies Courts (FRCs)
  • The Pensions Advisory Group Report 2019 (PAG) and judicial endorsement
  • Expanded coverage of Costs and Funding
  • Detailed analysis of Enforcement procedure
  • New chapter on Non-Court Dispute Resolution, Arbitration and ‘Private FDRs’

Key topics include:


  • Transfer of Property Orders and Housing Needs
  • Periodical Payments
  • Pensions
  • Insolvency and Rights of Creditors
  • Enforcement
  • Appeals and Setting Aside.
  • An Appendix also contains relevant legislative provisions