Hong Kong Law of Evidence

Hong Kong Law of Evidence
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This book sets out the basic principles of the Law of Evidence in Hong Kong, for both criminal and civil legal proceedings. To a large extent, the laws in Hong Kong still resemble those of England and Wales prior to the handover of Hong Kong to the People’s Republic of China on 1 July 1997. However, the evidentiary principles and rules of Hong Kong law are not simply a derivative of English law; the Hong Kong Law of Evidence has also been guided in its development by comparable legal reforms in other commonwealth jurisdictions, notably Canada and Australia. These, and other unique developments with regard to the Law of Evidence in Hong Kong are fully reflected in this text.

This book is the second volume in a series on criminal justice in Hong Kong - the other titles being on criminal procedure and criminal law (general principles and specific offences). The cross-references in the three volumes underscore the practical and theoretical interplay between the three subject areas, which will prove indispensable for academics, students, and practitioners alike.

  • Bird’s eye view of the present analogous legal position in the laws of England and Wales, and other jurisdictions, analogous comparative perspectives is to offer the reader a richer and more contextualised understanding of the Law of Evidence in Hong Kong
  • detailed exposition on the Hong Kong Law of Evidence - is methodically disseminated across fourteen chapters and 5 Parts
  • Part A: General Principles of the Law of Evidence
  • Part B: The Admissibility and Relevance of Evidence
  • Part C: The Exclusion of Relevant Evidence
  • Part D: Hearsay
  • Part E: Types of Evidence