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The UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement: A Commentary

The UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement: A Commentary
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The Commentary provides quick access to the essentials of the Agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community (the "Withdrawal Agreement"). The Commentary has a clear and intuitive structure, which explains the Withdrawal Agreement on the basis of relevant chapters, such as Rules on Free Movement of Citizens, the Financial Settlement, and the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland. At the beginning of each chapter, a short overview allows the reader to understand at first glance the topics that are covered by the respective articles of the chapter. The commentary in each chapter is structured thematically, grouping individual articles to provide a more concise, easily accessible text, while also ensuring a consistent presentation throughout the Commentary.

table of content

Preface, Manuel Kellerbauer, Eugenia Dumitriu-Segnana and Thomas Liefländer
1:Article 50 TEU, Manuel Kellerbauer
2:The Withdrawal Agreement, Part One - Common, Pieter van Nuffel
3:The Withdrawal Agreement, Part Two - Citizen Rights, Multiple Contributors
4:The Withdrawal Agreement, Part Three - Other Separation Provisions, Multiple Contributors
5:The Withdrawal Agreement, Part Four - Transition, Eugenia Dumitriu-Segnana
6:The Withdrawal Agreement, Part Five - Financial Provisions, Zuzana Maluskova
7:The Withdrawal Agreement, Part Six - Institutional and Final Provisions, Pieter van Nuffel
8:The Withdrawal Agreement, Protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland, Multiple Contributors
9:The Withdrawal Agreement, Protocol Relating to the Sovereign Base Areas of the UK in Cyprus, Cathy Adams
10:The Withdrawal Agreement, Protocol on Gibraltar, Cathy Adams