Preliminary References to the European Court of Justice 3rd ed

Preliminary References to the European Court of Justice 3rd ed
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This book is structured to reflect the different questions that may arise in connection with a preliminary reference. It explains who can make a reference, what questions can be referred, and when can, when should, and when must a reference be made. Thereupon the book provides detailed guidance on the form and contents of the actual reference as well as the procedure, both before the referring court and the European Court of Justice. Finally, the preliminary ruling and its effects are explained together with the questions of cost and legal aid.

Now in its third edition, this book has proved to be of considerable value to the legal practitioner faced with the subtleties of a preliminary reference - be it as judge or advocate. However, it is much more than an advance practitioners' guide. With backgrounds as both practitioners and academics, the two authors have produced a book that also caters for the needs of academics. The practical guidance is thus supplemented by the critical analysis of the Court of Justice's practice. This fully updated and revised edition of Broberg and Fenger on Preliminary References to the European Court of Justice provides a meticulous, yet easily accessible examination of all aspects of the preliminary reference procedure.

New to this edition:

  • Fully updated and revised to cover the six years from the previous edition
  • Provides analysis of the Court of Justice's new case law on when administrative boards can make preliminary references, along with the new approach to the acte clair doctrine
  • Includes a new way of analysing variations in number of references between the Member States