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Corporate Insolvency: Employment & Pension Rights 7th ed

Corporate Insolvency: Employment & Pension Rights 7th ed
Product ISBN: 9781526515629
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Bridges the gap between the three distinct disciplines of pensions, employment and corporate insolvency law.

Through a mix of legislation, case law, analysis and comment, this well-regarded text gives you all the information you need to answer your clients' questions.

It outlines the legal principles applicable where the three regimes interact, with a particular focus on the application of the rules relating to corporate insolvency and how they impact on employees and their pension rights. For example:
- How is the position of employees affected by the appointment of an insolvency practitioner over their employing company?
- Who is liable, and what priority is given to past or future claims?

Updates for the 7th edition include:

Full treatment of CVAs and pensions
- Implications of the Court of Appeal decision in Granada/Box Clever about “association” and about Pensions Regulator powers
- Implications of proposed pensions legislation, including new criminal offences
- New Crown preferential debts

Corporate Insolvency: Employment and Pension Rights is cited in many works focusing on the employment and insolvency fields.

If you work as an employment, pensions or corporate insolvency practitioner, you'll find its up-to-date case law and practical analysis an essential aid to your work.