Butterworths Hong Kong Employment Law Handbook 6th ed

Butterworths Hong Kong Employment Law Handbook 6th ed
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Butterworths Hong Kong Employment Law Handbook Sixth Edition by Patricia Yeung, Michael Downey, published by LexisNexis.

This new edition reproduces the text of the the Employment Ordinance (Cap 57), the major legislation pertaining to employment law and practice in Hong Kong, as currently in force. It provides details on amendments and repeals, via key cases and section-by-section annotations to the Ordinance. All annotations are fully cross referenced with comprehensive tables of cases and legislations.
The annotations cover:
・ Enactment history
・ UK references
・ Interpretation of key terms
・ Relevant case law
This series has been cited with authority in over one hundred court cases in the Hong Kong Court of First Instance, Court of Appeal and Court of Final Appeal.


Table of Cases 
 Table of Legislation
 Table of Other Sources
 Glossary of Chinese Words and Phrases
 Employment Ordinance (Cap 57)
 Employment Agency Regulations (Cap 57A)
 Employment of Children Regulations (Cap 57B)
 Employment of Young Persons (Industry)
 Regulations (Cap 57C)
 Women and Young Persons (Industry) (Forms)
 Notice (Cap 57D)