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Toulson & Phipps on Confidentiality 4th ed

Toulson & Phipps on Confidentiality 4th ed
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Toulson & Phipps on Confidentiality 4th edition

Confidentiality is a complex subject. In the Fourth edition of Toulson & Phipps on Confidentiality, Charles Phipps along with new editors William Harman and Simon Teasdale provides a comprehensive and authoritative combination of reference, analysis and procedure in relation to confidentiality across all relevant areas of law.
As a (very) small selection, the cases decided since the last edition include:
  • Saab v Dangate Consulting Ltd [2019] EWHC 1558 (Comm); [2019] P.N.L.R. 29, in which Cockerill J conducted a detailed analysis of several aspects of the public interest defence;

Richard v British Broadcasting Corporation [2018] EWHC 1837 (Ch); [2019] Ch. 169, in which Mann J held that a suspect had a reasonable expectation of privacy in relation to a police investigation;

  • Cape Intermediate Holdings Ltd v Dring [2019] UKSC 38, which is now the leading case on access to court records; and
  • R (Bridges) v Chief Constable of South Wales [2019] EWHC 2341 (Admin), in which the Court of Appeal held that data would fall within the scope of the data protection regime if it identified someone by a process of “individuation” (notwithstanding their continued anonymity).
  • ABC v Telegraph Media Group Ltd [2018] EWCA Civ 2329, in which the Court of Appeal upheld “the important legitimate role played by non-disclosure agreements in the consensual settlement of disputes

Chapter 1: Historical Introduction
Chapter 2: Principles and Foundations
Chapter 3: Circumstances importing an obligation of confidentiality
Chapter 4: Objectively confidential information
Chapter 5: Misuse
Chapter 6: Remedies
Chapter 7: Privacy
Chapter 8: Data Protection and Freedom of Information
Chapter 9: Confidentiality and foreign law
Chapter 10: Medical Advisers
Chapter 11: Bankers
Chapter 12: Broadcasting and Journalism
Chapter 13: Employees and Employers
Chapter 14: Teachers, Clergy, Counsellors and Mediators
Chapter 15: Police
Chapter 16: Lawyers
Chapter 17: Litigation: the General Principle and Exceptions
Chapter 18: Legal Professional Privilege and Confidence
Chapter 19: Public Interest Immunity
Chapter 20: Methods of Partial Protection
Chapter 21: Children
Chapter 22: Arbitrations