Information Rights: Law and Practice 5th ed (2 Volume Set)

Information Rights: Law and Practice 5th ed (2 Volume Set)
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Retaining the position it has held since first publication, the fifth edition of the leading practitioner text on information law has been thoroughly re-worked to provide comprehensive coverage of the Data Protection Act 2018 and the GDPR. The treatment of data protection now extends beyond accessing personal information, to include all personal data rights and corresponding obligations.

The work continues to provide the most thorough analysis available of the Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental Information Regulations (and their Scottish equivalents). As with earlier editions, every tribunal and court decision has been reviewed and, where required, referenced. Common law rights, local government rights and subject-specific statutory information access regimes are all covered. In addition, there is in-depth treatment of ECHR and ECJ law as it applies to information rights, both as separate chapters and referenced into the other text.

Information Rights has been quoted by courts and tribunals, and is used by practitioners, judges and all those who practise in the field. The new edition maintains its style of succinct statements of principle, supported by caselaw, legislative provisions and statutory guidance. The work has been organised with an eye to easy navigation and browsing, with a practical, easily-followed structure and paragraph headings throughout. The new edition has been divided into two volumes:

  • Volume 1: Commentary
  • Volume 2: Statutory provisions and other materials

Tables of Cases
United Kingdom
United States of America
New Zealand
Republic of Ireland
Tables of Legislation

Part I Overview
Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Westminster legislation
Chapter 3 – Scottish legislation
Chapter 4 – The influence of the European Convention on Human Rights etc
Chapter 5 – Exemptions: general principles
Chapter 6 – Prejudice and the public interest

Part II Data protection
Chapter 7 – Data protection: introduction
Chapter 8 – GDPR and DPA 2018: introduction
Chapter 9 – General processing: continuing obligations
Chapter 10 – General processing: data subject rights
Chapter 11 – General processing: exemptions etc
Chapter 12 – Law enforcement processing: continuing obligations
Chapter 13 – Law enforcement processing: data subject rights
Chapter 14 – Intelligence services processing
Chapter 15 – DPA 1998: concepts, rights and duties
Chapter 16 – DPA 1998: exemptions

Part III Environmental information
Chapter 17 – Environmental information – introduction
Chapter 18 – Environmental information – rights & appeals
Chapter 19 – Environmental information – exceptions

Part IV Freedom of information
Chapter 20 – The right to information
Chapter 21 – The duty to advise and assist, codes of practice and publication schemes
Chapter 22 – The request
Chapter 23 – Disentitlement
Chapter 24 – The response

Part V Exemptions
Chapter 25 – Information otherwise accessible
Chapter 26 – Security bodies, national security and defence
Chapter 27 – International and internal relations
Chapter 28 – Economic and financial interests
Chapter 29 – Investigation, audit, law enforcement and the courts
Chapter 30 – Privilege
Chapter 31 – Policy formulation and public affairs
Chapter 32 – Research, health and safety
Chapter 33 – Personal information
Chapter 34 – Commercial and other confidentiality
Chapter 35 – Miscellaneous exemptions

Part VI Other rights to information
Chapter 36 – Historical records and public records
Chapter 37 – Local government documents
Chapter 38 – Medical records
Chapter 39 – Business and financial information
Chapter 40 – Educational information
Chapter 41 – Common law rights and controls
Chapter 42 – Court-held documents
Chapter 43 – Information held by EU bodies

Part VII Appeals, remedies and enforcement
Chapter 44 – The Information Commissioner and the tribunals
HHJ Murray Shanks
Chapter 45 – FOIA and EIR appeals
Chapter 46 – The Scottish Information Commission and FOI(S)A etc appeals
Chapter 47 – Freedom of information: regulatory enforcement
Chapter 48 – GDPR and DPA 2018: private remedies and regulatory enforcement
Chapter 49 – DPA 1998: private remedies and regulatory enforcement
Chapter 50 – Warrants, offences and immunities

Part VIII Comparative law
Chapter 51 – The Comparative Jurisdictions

Part I – Data Protection
Part II – Freedom of Information
Part III – Environmental Information
Part IV – Other Rights to Information
Part V – Data Protection (post-EU Exit Day)
Part VI – Data Protection (pre-25 May 2018)
Part VII – Procedural Material