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Sentencing in Australia 9th ed

Sentencing in Australia 9th ed
Product ISBN: 9780455245812
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Sentencing in Australia is the most up-to-date explanation available of sentencing law and practice across Australia.

The ninth edition of this national work strengthens its position as an authoritative source of information on sentencing law and the preferred treatment of the subject for practitioners and students alike.

Sentence appeals constitute the vast majority of the work of appellate courts and this title provides a thorough, coherent and much needed explication of this complex area, which often involves a wide range of interacting and sometimes competing factors.

The Ninth Edition develops and expands its coverage to include:

  • A newly worked section on the sentencing of Indigenous offenders post-Bugmy;
  • Expansion of the chapter relating to the sentencing of children;
  • A new chapter on criminal sanctions and the sentencing powers of courts across jurisdictions; and
  • Up-to-date review and inclusion of the most important sentencing decisions.