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Contract Law in Hong Kong: A Comparative Analysis

Contract Law in Hong Kong: A Comparative Analysis
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Contract Law in Hong Kong: A Comparative Analysisprovides readers with a clear understanding of contract law in Hong Kong as well as its counterpart in England. It enables readers to navigate a vast number of Hong Kong and English contract law cases more efficiently and effectively, gaining a full picture of the subject in the process. The book is divided into thirteen chapters. Each chapter opens with a summary of the main propositions in the relevant area, followed by detailed analysis and case law discussion. It also explores Hong Kong’s developments of contract law and incorporation of English contract law, as well as its deviations from other common law jurisdictions. The text is supplemented by supporting references in the notes and by suggestions for further reading in the bibliography.

Contract Law in Hong Kong has been designed to be a textbook for teaching. It is also an ideal reference work for practitioners and other interested parties, such as arbitrators, jurists, and business people.



About the Authors

Chapter 1. Main Features of Contract Law in Hong Kong

Chapter 2.  Abortive Negotiations and the Pre-formation Stage

Chapter 3.  Establishing Consensus: Offer and Acceptance and Certainty

Chapter 4.  Consideration and Intent to Create Legal Relations

Chapter 5.  Third Party Rights and Assignment

Chapter 6.  Misrepresentation and Mistake

Chapter 7.  Duress, Undue Influence, and Unconscionability

Chapter 8.  Express and Implied Terms and Exclusion Clauses

Chapter 9.  Interpretation of Written Contracts and Rectification

Chapter 10. Frustration

Chapter 11. Breach and Performance

Chapter 12. Remedies for Breach of Contract

Chapter 13. Illegality and Public Policy