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* Rights of Light: The Modern Law 4th ed

* Rights of Light: The Modern Law 4th ed
Product ISBN: 9781784734299
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This new edition of the popular work, written by a team of specialists, takes into account developments in law and practice, gives targeted coverage of the rights of light, combines an explanation of legal framework with practical commentary about procedure and remedies, and contains contributions from surveyors on measuring and valuing loss of light.

Rights of light are a distinctive and complex branch of the law of easements: this title provides specific, targeted, and specialist guidance to practitioners.

Written by a team of renowned experts, including Andrew Francis (Restrictive Covenants 5th edition, 2019 LexisNexis) and Tom Weekes QC (Property Notices 3rd edition, 2021 LexisNexis).

Substantially rewritten and restructured since the 3rd edition, it covers everything needed by practitioners, from the acquisition and extinguishment of rights of light to unlawful interference with rights of light and insurance considerations. It is important reading for solicitors and barristers specializing in property and planning law and also suitable for surveyors, architects and planners