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Dilapidations: The Modern Law and Practice 7th ed

Dilapidations: The Modern Law and Practice 7th ed
Product ISBN: 9780414099524
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This book is a leading authority in its field, providing comprehensive coverage of the legal principles relating to dilapidations, both residential and commercial, together with all the practical aspects pertaining to dilapidations claims. It offers a comprehensive, one-stop reference, assisting the reader with dilapidations issues and in determining of the best course of action. It discusses the legal principles clearly and accompanies this with worked examples showing how they apply in practice. It also includes precedents, forms, statutes and extensive case referencing. This book is now largely recognised by the courts and the professions as the leading work on dilapidations, and it is referred to, and quoted from, in many cases.

Key features:
  • The text explores the obligations of landlord and tenant with regard to the state and repair of property
  • Looks at repairing obligations, all types of repairing covenant, liability, considerations affecting the performance of obligations, liability, remedies, fees
  • Explores alternative ways of resolving claims such as arbitration and proposals for reform this area of law
  • It considers the rules in relation to both landlord and tenant and both commercial and residential property
  • Offers a comprehensive and authoritative discussion of legal principles relating to dilapidations with examples as to how those principles might apply in practice using relevant case law
  • Commentary is supported by relevant forms and precedents in the appendices
  • The renowned author team offer a practical five-question approach to analysing the basic repairing covenants