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Law of the Hong Kong Constitution 3rd ed + Proview (Practitioner / Student Version)

Law of the Hong Kong Constitution 3rd ed + Proview (Practitioner / Student Version)
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Since the publication of its celebrated first edition, Law of the Hong Kong Constitution is widely accepted as the leading text on the subject and an indispensable guide to the workings of the Basic Law. Written by a distinguished team of legal academics and specialist legal practitioners, it provides a detailed and unrivalled examination of every important aspect of Hong Kong’s constitutional arrangements, from the history of the territory’s constitutional development to the terms of Hong Kong’s autonomy, Hong Kong’s power to conduct its own external relations, the roles and powers of its Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches, the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms, as well as the journey to democratisation and the right to judicial remedies under a fast evolving and often complex body of case-law. The text has been cited with approval by the Judiciary, and provides insights on the development of different aspects of constitutional law in Hong Kong. Now fully updated, together with a discussion on the newly introduced National Security Law, the third edition retains the book’s original aim of providing a comprehensive and authoritative work on constitutional law in Hong Kong.

table of content

PART 1: Historical Background
1. From Colony to Special Administration Region
PART 2: A New Constitutional Era: One Country, Two Systems
2. Autonomy and Central-Local Relationship
3. External Affairs
4. Language
5. Nationality and Permanent Residents
6. National Security
PART 3: Political Structure
7. The Chief Executive
8. Development of Representative Government
9. The Legislature
10. The Executive Government
11. The Judiciary
PART 4: Economy and Social Policies
12. Fiscal Policy and Financial System
13. Land
14. Education, Science, Culture, Sports, Religion, Labour and Social Services
15. Civil Aviation and Shipping
PART 5: Fundamental Rights and Freedoms  
16. Basic Law, the Bill of Rights and the ICCPR 
17. Interpreting Constitutional Rights and Permissible Restrictions 
18. Right to Life 
19. Right to Fair Trial and the Criminal Process 
20. Right to Fair Trial in Non-Criminal Process 
21. Freedom of Expression 
22. Right to Privacy, Unlawful Search and Surveillance 
23. Freedom of Assembly and Association 
24. Freedom of Conscience and Religious Belief 
25. Freedom of Choice of Occupation and Academic Freedom 
26. Right to Social Welfare 
27. Right to Family 
28. Right to Equality and Non-discrimination 
29. Right to Vote and Right to Political Participation 
30. Rights of New Territories Indigenous Inhabitants 
31. Right to Property 
32. Right to Judicial Remedies