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Competition Law in South Asia: Policy Diffusion and Transfer

Competition Law in South Asia: Policy Diffusion and Transfer
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In the last twenty years, South Asian countries have increasingly engaged with modern competition legislation. Yet, apart from India and Pakistan, the countries in this region have had little success enforcing these laws. Competition Law in South Asia analyses the mechanisms and institutions through which Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, Maldives Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan have engaged with modern competition legislation. The book argues that the success (or failure) of competition reform in these countries is inextricably linked to the unique interplay of mechanisms and legal and political institutions through which these countries have engaged with competition legislation. The book provides an in-depth comparative analysis of the adoption and implementation continuum in India and Pakistan, the compatibility and legitimacy generated by the adoption process, and its impact on implementation. Taking a far-reaching, comparative approach, the book draws lessons not only for countries in South Asia but also for emerging economies across the globe.

table of content

1. The theoretical framework
2. Adoption of competition laws in India and Pakistan
3. The spread of competition laws across South Asia
4. Enforcing Indian and Pakistani competition acts: an overview of the authorities and their operations
5. Anti-competitive agreements and interpretive strategies in India and Pakistan
6. Understanding penalties in the context of the adoption process
7. The role of pre-existing legal systems in competition enforcement
8. Implementing competition laws across South Asia
9. Bridging the implementation gap