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Competition Damages Actions in the EU and the UK 3rd ed

Competition Damages Actions in the EU and the UK 3rd ed
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Competition Damages Actions in the EU and the UK is the clearest and most coherent reference point on damages actions for breach of EU competition law.

This significantly expanded, restructured, and updated edition sets out the law in relation to actions for damages for loss caused by infringements of articles 101 and 102 of the TFEU, in both the EU and UK. The book now provides detailed guidance on the jurisprudence emanating from both jurisdictions, with careful reference, as in previous editions, to Directive 2014/104, and incorporating additional detail throughout on the variations in practice and interpretation in key member states.

The book provides guidance on substantive issues, such as quantification of loss and pass-on, as well as evidentiary issues, such as access to documents, particularly in the context of leniency programmes, and the probative value of competition authority decisions. New to this edition is extensive treatment of collective redress in the EU and collective proceedings in the UK. In addition, the book has been restructured so that material on the parties to litigation and limitation, for example, are clearly presented in new chapters.

Key features of the third edition include:

  • The first major substantive volume to set out the law relating to actions for damages under EU competition law in both the EU and UK
  • Comprehensive and clearly structured reference point for this complex field
  • Updates on national developments from key jurisdictions
  • Increased material on jurisdiction
  • Extensive treatment of collective action

The new edition of this comprehensive reference work remains a must-have resource for all competition practitioners in the EU and UK – from lawyers in private practice to in-house counsel, and from judges to officials at competition enforcement agencies.

table of content

The legal basis of the right to damages Jurisdiction
The law applicable to the claim Directive 2014/104/EU: Temporal scope
The parties to litigation Limitation Harm Damages
I Damages
II Proving the infringement Further issues relating to evidence
I Further issues relating to evidence
II Publication of information relating to an infringement by the Commission or an NCA Procedural issues Parameters to claims, including causation
Collective redress in the EU Collective proceedings in the UK Quantification of antitrust damages: Frank Maier-Rigaud and Ulrich Schwalbe