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Law of Companies in Hong Kong 3rd ed + Proview (Practitioner / Student Version)

Law of Companies in Hong Kong 3rd ed + Proview (Practitioner / Student Version)
Product ISBN: 9789626619858
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Law of Companies in Hong Kong 3rd edition by Stefan Lo & Charles Qu, published by Sweet & Maxwell.

• The definitive analytical text on Hong Kong company law covering all the recent applications, case law, and updates on the progress of Hong Kong’s new companies regime.
• 40% content updated, including:
(i) Review and analysis of the current regime in relation to corollary legislation
(ii) Analysis of key court cases decided since the current Companies Ordinance was enacted
(iii) Review and analysis of the 2018 Companies Ordinance Amendments regarding company
transparency and compliance with international anti-money laundering standards.
• Written by experts on Hong Kong company law including one of the original drafters of the Company Law re-write.
1. Further reviews and expands upon the major proposals and initiatives developed and brought
forth in the Companies Ordinance and Companies (Winding-Up and Miscellaneous Provisions)
2. Comprehensively examines case law and legal precedents decided in accordance with the Ordinance since its enactment 4 years ago.
3. Includes extensive analysis of all aspects of Company Law including the:
(i) March 2018 amendments involving company transparency and compliance with international anti-money laundering standards
(ii) Application of the 2016 companies winding-up amendments aimed at providing more creditor protection and streamlining the winding-up process.
This authoritative text gives practitioners everything they need for a company’s day to day practice:
(i) From incorporation to dissolution;
(ii) Formation of joint ventures;
(iii) Purchase of a sole trader;
(iv) Partnerships;
(v) Civil and criminal proceedings, etc.


Chapter 1 Company Law and Regulation In Hong Kong
Chapter 2 Establishment of Companies
Chapter 3 Corporate Personality
Chapter 4 Pre-Incorporation Contracts
Chapter 5 Corporate Constitution and Shareholder Agreements
Chapter 6 Corporate Organs and Division of Powers
Chapter 7 Board of Directors
Chapter 8 Directors’ Duties
Chapter 9 General Meetings
Chapter 10 Members’ Remedies and Minority Protection
Chapter 11 Accounts and Audit
Chapter 12 Corporate Contracting and Liabilities of Companies
Chapter 13 Equity and Debt Financing
Chapter 14 Share Capital
Chapter 15 Maintenance of Capital
Chapter 16 Fund-Raising by Public Issue
Chapter 17 Debentures and Charges
Chapter 18 Receivership
Chapter 19 Corporate Rescue
Chapter 20 Liquidation