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Employment Law & Practice in China 2nd ed

Employment Law & Practice in China 2nd ed
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Employment Law & Practice in China 2nd edition 2014 by Andreas Lauffs, published by Sweet & Maxwell.

Employment law and workers’ rights continue to evolve in China at an astonishing pace as new Amendments to China’s Employment Contract Law have just taken effect this past July 2013. The second edition of Employment Law in China is the prime resource for a comprehensive and analytical analysis of China’s evolving employment laws, their application in and out of China, and real-world impact on doing business in the second largest economy in the world.

The second edition is completely overhauled and revised to take into consideration new national and local rules, including the latest and most up-to-date case laws and legal precedence. Areas examined and of considerable interest to both Legal Practitioners and Business Professionals include:
(i) Stringent restrictions on use of agency or contingency workers;
(ii) New penalties imposed upon employers for abusing labour dispatch arrangements;
(iii) Advent of labour unions and works councils;
(iv) Collective bargaining agreements;
(v) Secondment of expat managers to China;
(vi) Protection of trade secrets and enforcement of restrictive covenants;
(vii) Transfer of employment in M & A situations; and very importantly
(viii) New social insurance obligations for both Chinese and foreign employees.

Practical and analytical commentary regarding the following are provided:
• Key issues faced by businesses
• The impact of the changes brought about by the amended Employment Contract Law
• The essentials for successful business operations in China’s sensitive cultural landscape


1. Introduction to Employment Law in the People’s Republic of China
2. Representative Offices
3. Recruitment
4. The Employment Relationship and Employment Contracts
5. Mergers and Acquisitions
6. Working Hours, Overtime, Leave and Holidays
7. Remuneration, Benefits, Stock Options and Social Insurance
8. Occupational Health and Safety
9. Termination of Employment
10. Employer and Employee Interests: 
Trade Secrets, Confidentiality, Restrictive Covenants, Inventions and Copyright
11. Employee Rights and Privacy Issues
12. Individual Income Tax
13. Labour Unions and Collective Bargaining In China
14. Labour Disputes In China