Cases That Changed Our Lives: Volume 2

Cases That Changed Our Lives: Volume 2
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Cases That Changed Our Lives: Volume 2 by McDougall Ian, published by LexisNexis UK.

Following the success of Volume 1 in 2010, Cases That Changed Our Lives: Volume 2 presents a brand new selection of cases from around the world that have changed or created the rules and procedures which govern our lives and which we abide by.

From the Trial of Charles I, to more recent high profile equality cases, the book covers a wide range of groundbreaking cases that have had an enduring impact on present day law. It sets out the facts of each case and examines the implications for that area of law, looks at the people involved and assesses the case’s lasting legacy.

With contributions from leading practitioners in their fields, the book gives a fascinating and invaluable insight into the importance of case law and the impact it has on our lives and on our world. £1 for every copy of the book sold will be donated to STOP THE TRAFFIK a global movement of activists around the world who passionately give their time and energy to build resilient communities and prevent human trafficking.



Table of Contents:

I The state and its power
1. The Golden Met-wand and Measure: The Prohibitions del Roy (Matthew Seys-Llewellyn)
2. The Trial of King Charles I (Geoffrey Robertson QC)
3. US v Nixon (Professor Tamara Lave)
II Public law
4. Anisminic Ltd v Foreign Compensation Commission: A Beacon for Accountability (Michael Fordham QC)
5. Pepper v Hart (Oliver Jones)
6. R (Jackson) v Attorney General (Alexander Horne)
7. The access of individuals to the Constitutional Court in France (Professor Bertrand Mathieu)
8. Kable’s Case and the Rule of Law: Kable v Director of Public Prosecutions for NSW (The Hon Kevin Lindgren AM QC)
9. Francovich v Italy (Collette Rawnsley)
III Law during wartime
10. Liversidge v Anderson (Dexter Dias QC)
11. The First Nuremberg Trial and its Enduring Legacy: ‘Even Rulers are Under God and the Law’ (Steven Kay QC)
IV Equality and autonomy: lessons from America
12. Brown v Board of Education (Kenneth R Thompson II)
13. Roe v Wade (Linda Greenhouse)
14. ‘Respect for their Private Lives’: Lawrence v Texas (Stephen Hetherington)
V Law, equality and religion
15. R (Begum) v Denbigh High School (Lynne Townley)
16. Eweida & Others v UK (James Wilson)
17. Preddy v Bulls (Karon Monaghan QC)
VI Civil law
18. When Louisa Carlill Caught the ‘Flu: Carlill v The Carbolic Smoke Ball Company (John Randall QC)
19. American Cyanamid Co v Ethicon Ltd (Paul Lowenstein QC & Scott Ralston)
20. Prest v Prest (John Wilson QC)
21. Universal Project Management Services Ltd v Fort Gilkicker Ltd and others (Daniel Lightman)