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Crocodile at Law 2014

Crocodile at Law 2014
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Crocodile at Law 2014 by Kemal Bokhary, published from Sweet & Maxwell.

Crocodile at Law continues on from the ground breaking The Law is a Crocodile in making the foundational principles of the common law accessible to the general public.

Building on his long-cherished view that the “general public are the ultimate guardians of the rule of law”, Mr Justice Kemal Bokhary continues to examine the principles of the common law and its relation to the rule of law by employing humour, wit and a 5 meter-long aquatic reptile.

From Parliamentary supremacy and judicial independence, public policy and socio-economic rights, democracy and the rule of law, to the celebrated Song Dynasty official Bao Qingtian, Crocky, Foxy and Stinky, together with a host of new characters, help animate the law making it more accessible to anyone interested in the law, legal history and our legal system.