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International Loans, Bonds, Guarantees, Legal Opinions 3rd ed: Volume 5

International Loans, Bonds, Guarantees, Legal Opinions 3rd ed: Volume 5
Product ISBN: 9780414044692
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The Law and Practice of International Finance series is your definitive guide to international finance. It considers the full range of topics across nine volumes, setting out the law and practice of trading assets on the international markets. This essential work, by one of the leading finance specialists of a generation, provides a simple, unified and distilled account of the whole topic.

This volume sets out the legal rules, at a domestic and international level, for the administration of debt finance. The principles underlying syndicated loans and bond issues are explained, alongside two common prerequisites to the advancement of a loan or bond issue: the guarantee and the closing legal opinion.

Philip Wood is one of the leading authorities on international finance worldwide, as well as a practitioner and teacher. He was a partner in international law firm Allen & Overy until his retirement in 2018, and for ten years was head of the banking department. Subsequently he led the firm’s Global Law Intelligence Unit.

Philip is the Yorke Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the University of Cambridge, and has previously been Visiting Professor in International Financial Law at the University of Oxford, Queen Mary University of London, and the London School of Economics. He has lectured at more than 60 universities worldwide and has written more than 20 books.


  • Provides a comparative overview of the laws in the key jurisdictions of the world
  • Explains the law and practice in each area including:
  • Syndicated bank credit agreements and loan transfers
  • International bond issues including equity-linked
  • Bonds, note programmes and high yield notes
  • Bondholder trustees and collective action clauses
  • Bank guarantees, standby letters of credit and comfort letters
  • Formal transaction legal opinions
  • Gives structure outlines for guarantees and legal opinions
  • Features extensive snapshot precedents to help facilitate drafting