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* A Guide to the DIAC Arbitration Rules

* A Guide to the DIAC Arbitration Rules
Product ISBN: 9780198815396
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The Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC) handles approximately 200 cases per year and is the busiest commercial arbitration in the Middle East. This Guide is the first comprehensive analysis of the DIAC arbitration rules, offering practitioners practical and procedural advice, capable of direct reference and application in DIAC-administered arbitrations.

Structured in two parts, A Guide to the DIAC Arbitration Rules first provides the reader with an overview of arbitration in Dubai, particularly with regards to DIAC arbitration, then proceeds to analyse the rules article-by-article. Notably, the book includes analysis of the new DIAC Rules published in January 2018, alongside a discussion of the genesis of the new rules and DIAC's growth and development into a leading regional arbitration centre. Appendices include the Standard DIAC Arbitration Clause, the DIAC Arbitration Rules from 2007 and 2018, the Table of Fees and Costs 2007 and 2018, as well as UAE National Arbitration Law.

The book is an invaluable tool for international arbitration practitioners practicing in the UAE, across the Middle East, and arbitration practitioners based in Europe, Asia and North America who work on Middle East arbitration matters.