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* Water and Waste Regulation

* Water and Waste Regulation
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Water pollution law is the most developed of the pollution control systems and is a large and complex area of environmental law, with numerous laws at international, EU and domestic level. The regulation at these levels deals with a wide range of issues, such as water quality standards, water pollution control, fisheries, navigation, flood, coastal protection and marine pollution with a wide range of water pollution offences.

A comprehensive account of water and waste legislation, this book includes:

  • A detailed interpretation of the relevant statutory provisions and associated case law
  • The impact of Brexit on current regulations
  • Discussions surrounding UK desalination plants, end of life vehicles and nature conservation
  • The changes in international regulations and the impact that this has on UK water and waste regulation

The detailed treatment of the issues involved will enable practitioners to feel confident in what is a complicated area of law.

table of content

What is environmental Law ?
Key concepts of environmental Law
Principles of Environmental regimes
Water, flooding and drainage
Wildlife and habitat conservation
Regulatory Authorities and Enforcement
Environmental NGOs
Criminal and Civil Sanctions
Civil Law – nuisance, negligence
Types of Environmental Liability
Remediation requirements
A requirement to comply with a notice served
Liability under civil law