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A User's Guide to Data Protection: Law and Policy 5th ed

A User's Guide to Data Protection: Law and Policy 5th ed
Product ISBN: 9781526527288
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Are you ready if a client wishes to make a data protection claim, or needs to defend one?

This work is a first port of call, providing clear guidance through the complex web of data protection issues and regulation.

The 5th Edition includes analysis of new cases and in-depth coverage of:

  • The Data Protection and Digital Information Bill 2022-23
  • The Online Safety Bill 2022-2023
  • New data fines
  • New official documentation from Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, and the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)
  • New EU guidance from European Data Protection Board
  • New EU guidance from European Data Protection Supervisor
  • New EU data transfer rules
  • New UK data transfer rules re controllers and processors

This title is included in Bloomsbury Professional's 'Intellectual Property and IT' online service.

table of content

Part 1. Data Protection: How to Comply with the Data Protection Regime
1. Data Protection
2. Sources of Data Protection Law
3. Definitions
4. History and Data Protection
5. Principles
6. Ordinary Personal Data Lawful Processing Conditions
7. Processing Pre-Conditions: Prior Information Requirements and Transparency
8. Exemptions
9. Individual Data Subject Rights
10. Time Limits for Compliance
11. Enforcement and Penalties for Non-Compliance
12. Security of Personal Data
13. Outsourcing and Data Processors
Part 2. Inward Facing Organisational DP Obligations
14. Processing Employee Personal Data
15. Employee Data Protection Rights
16. Employee Considerations
17. Employee Monitoring Issues
Part 3. Outward Facing Organisational DP Obligations
18. Outward Facing Issues
19. Data Protection and Privacy by Design
20. Enforcement Powers
21. Transfers of Personal Data
22. ePrivacy and Electronic Communications
23. Electronic Direct Marketing and Spam
Part 4. New UK Regime
24. Background to the New UK Regime
25. The New Data Protection Act
Part 5. New EU Regime
26. New Regime
Part 6. Particular Issues
27. Data Breach
28. Data Protection Impact Assessment
29. Social Media
30. Leveson, the Press and Data Protection
31. Data Protection Officer
32. Brexit, Privacy Shield and Schrems
33. Other Data Protection Issues
Reference Links
Legislative Links
Forms and Documents Links
Complying with Data Protection
Objections to Marketing
Audit Checklist