A Guide to Gem Listings in Hong Kong 2nd 2018

A Guide to Gem Listings in Hong Kong 2nd 2018
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A Guide to Gem Listings in Hong Kong 2nd 2018 by Simon Wu.

A GUIDE TO GEM LISTINGS IN HONG KONG (the “Guide”) provides a systematic, comprehensive and up-to-date guide to; academics, venture capitalists, senior executives of growth enterprises, and IPO practitioners on the listing of companies on the Hong Kong Stock Market.

THE GUIDE will help readers navigate through a matrix of Hong Kong laws, listing rules, practice guides, listing decisions and general practice. It is organised thematically for ease of reference including; rationale for listing on GEM, legal requirements and listing processes and drafting guidelines for preparing documents to be submitted to the Hong Kong regulatory bodies. THE GUIDE addresses frequently asked questions relating to GEM listing with a focus on legal and regulatory requirements.

THE GUIDE is written to be user friendly, providing key questions and summary tables at the end of each relevant chapter. The presentation of facts is illustrated with charts, tables and cases, making for easy reading and referencing.

THE GUIDE is extensively researched and footnoted referencing up-to-date primary and secondary materials for readers who would like to look further into a particular topic.

THE GUIDE provides a birds-eye view of all major and practical questions related to GEM listing with simple and easy to understand instructions and explanations.