Hong Kong White Book 2020

Hong Kong White Book 2020
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It is now time to renew your subscription to the Hong Kong Civil Procedure 2020 Service. Authored by an extremely talented pool of over 95 authors from top law firms in the country, the Hong Kong White Book 2020 continues to provide the most comprehensive coverage of matters relevant to civil procedure. Every Order has been updated, with new commentary and legislation. The 2020 edition is endorsed by the Judiciary and incorporates over 150 new cases. The commentary in Volume II, has been substantially enhanced. This 2020 edition is preceded by a Special Release - EMBEDDING A DEEP, PRACTICAL UNDERSTANDING OF ACTIVE CASE MANAGEMENT, THE UNDERLYING OBJECTIVES AND THE CJR, which discusses citing new evidence at a relatively late stage, controlling pleadings and costs, as well as the use of O.1A by the Courts to strike out an action.

The Hong Kong White Book 2020 Main Work (Volumes 1, 2, 3, ADR and Court Forms) will be published in September 2019. The number of substantive updates to content to the Hong Kong White Book 2020 is remarkable. For Volume 1, the highlights are: • Order 59 on Appeals to the Court of Appeal which caused tremendous confusion, has been fully updated for the 2020 edition. • Order 103, The Registration of Patents Ordinance, is re-written in the light of the Patents (Amendment) Ordinance which came into force earlier this year. • Order 119, (HK) Prevention of Bribery Ordinance (Cap.201), previously unedited now has commentary to assist in the interpretation of the legislation. Worthy of particular attention is the ADR Volume this year. • Updates to the Mediation Ordinance commentary to take into account the coming into force of the Third-Party Funding Ordinance, which took effect on the 1 February 2019.