The Paris Agreement on Climate Change: A Commentary

The Paris Agreement on Climate Change: A Commentary
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Providing in-depth coverage of each article of the Paris Agreement, this Commentary offers a comprehensive, legal analysis of this most recent and important international instrument on climate change. This provision-by-provision textual analysis examines the commitments that parties to the Agreement have made to undertake ambitious efforts to combat climate change and adapt to its effects, whilst providing additional support to developing countries.

Describing the history, implementation and operation of the Paris Agreement, this Commentary is indispensable for obtaining a deep and nuanced understanding of the way in which the global community seeks to intensify its efforts to address climate change. Written by internationally renowned contributors, it discusses recent examples of implementation of the Agreement and nationally determined contributions (NDCs).

Clearly written and accessible, this Commentary will be a vital resource for policy makers and government officials involved in climate change across the globe, whilst also being valuable for practitioners, scholars and students of climate change law and policy.

Table of cases xxi
Table of legislation
Introduction –The Paris Agreement on Climate Change 1
The Preamble 5
Article 1 Scope of obligations: terms and definitions 33
Article 2 Aims, objectives and principles 73
Article 3 Aims, objectives and principles 94
Article 4 Mitigation 109
Article 5 Sinks, reservoirs of GHGs and forests 133
Article 6 Voluntary cooperation/NDCs 148
Article 7 Adaptation 172
Article 8 Loss and damage 200
Article 9 Finance 218
Article 10 Technology development and transfer 237
Article 11 Capacity-building 260
Article 12 Education and training 284
Article 13 Enhanced transparency framework for action and support 302
Article 14 The global stocktake 326
Article 15 Compliance mechanism 347
Article 16 Institutional provisions 364
Article 17 Institutional provisions 369
Article 18 Institutional provisions 371
Article 19 Institutional provisions 373
Article 20 Concluding the Paris Agreement: signature and consent to be bound 375
Article 21 Entry into force and ratification 386
Article 22 Amending the Paris Agreement 390
Article 23 Annexes to the Paris Agreement 395
Article 24 Settlement of disputes under the Paris Agreement 400
Article 25 Voting rights 411
Article 26 Depositary of the Paris Agreement 414
Article 27 Reservations to the Paris Agreement 416
Article 28 Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement 422
Article 29 Authentication and adoption of the Paris Agreement’s text 428
Index 435