Butterworths Hong Kong Alternative Dispute Resolution Law Handbook

Butterworths Hong Kong Alternative Dispute Resolution Law Handbook
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"For the first time in Hong Kong, the annotations on both the Mediation Ordinance and the Arbitration Ordinance are in one Handbook. This will appeal to the ADR practitioner or anyone interested in ADR to be able to easily access both Ordinances." Sou Chiam, Former CEO and Director, Financial Dispute Resolution Centre, Hong Kong. 

The Butterworths Hong Kong Alternative Dispute Resolution Handbook is a detailed work of reference containing the newly effective Arbitration Ordinance (Cap 609) and the Mediation Ordinance (Cap 620). The new Arbitration Ordinance replaces the former major legislation (Cap 341) pertaining to arbitration law and practice in Hong Kong. The new Mediation Ordinance provides a regulatory framework for certain aspects of Mediation, including confidentiality and privilege. 

The Ordinances reinforce
Hong Kong's role in Alternative Dispute Resolution. Geographic location, legal infrastructure, experience and government support make Hong Kong a leading centre for dispute resolution in Asia-Pacific, with the Ordinances playing a key role in ensuring the timely delivery of fairness and efficiency. 

This book is prefaced by an introduction written by Sou Chiam who is a mediator and barrister-at-law with extensive knowledge in the area of Alternative Dispute Resolution. She was the Secretary to the Working Group on Mediation which recommended that a Mediation Ordinance be enacted and also Secretary to the Mediation Task Force which worked on the enactment of the Mediation Ordinance. 

This series has been cited with authority in over one hundred court cases in the Hong Kong Court of First Instance, Court of Appeal and Court of Final Appeal. This handbook will be an invaluable source of information for practitioners, alternative dispute resolution specialists, students and anyone interested in the laws governing companies in
Hong Kong.